About Us

Bringing you quality preowned hot tubs since 2013


We started to purchase preowned hot tubs back in 2013 as an alternative to cheaper, inferior quality products to meet a price point. It was important for us to find a new way of hitting a more attractive price point to appeal to a broader range of customers, without jeopardising our reputation in the marketplace.


We noticed a lot of customers questioned wether they would get the use out of a new hot tub or spa to justify the price points set by the larger manufacturers or distributers.

By applying the same methods of a Used Car Dealer (as the values can be similar) and using our many years of service experience across multiple American and Canadian brands, it was a no brainer to find a way to work a similar programme.


A bit like driving a new car off the forecourt, someone else has now taken the initial hit on the valuation, and customers no longer have to settle for inferior products at a price point...our aim was to make quality and branded hot tubs and spas affordable for everyone.

After many years, and hundreds of preowned spas installed we have managed to create a reputation for ourselves in the industry as the number 1 place to shop for quality, branded preowned hot tubs and spas.

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